What are the side effects of protein shakes?

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protein shake side effects

As protein shakes become more and more popular amongst gym goers, there is also more focus on the side effects. If you’re worried about any possible protein shakes side effects, read on…

Whey Protein Shakes – What Are The Side Effects?

Most people using protein shakes will take at least one per day, sometimes two, three and even four. With this scale of consumption, you can’t be blamed for researching any known protein shake side effects that you might be vulnerable to.

The good news is, all reported side effects are nothing to worry about. However, if you’re new to using them and notice anything unusual, you should stop immediately and book an appointment with your doctor – you might be allergic to some of the ingredients. The most common allergies are to the dairy ingredients and if you know you have an allergy to dairy proteins, you should speak to your doctor before starting on them. If you’re lactose intolerant, look for whey protein isolate which contains less than 1% lactose. It is also very important to purchase high quality whey protein shakes from respect producers such as MyProtein. Check out our MyProtein Discount Codes for great offers.

To decrease your chances of any whey protein side effects, you should use protein shakes as part of a well balanced diet containing a good mix of carbohydrates, other protein sources and good fats. Whilst protein is undoubtedly important for muscle growth, it should never come from protein shakes alone, potentially this could trigger some unwanted side effects.

What about all the stuff I’ve read?!

Despite no concrete proof of any potentially harmful protein shake side effects, there are a lot of theories which suggest they could have lasting damage. Some believe that long term use of whey protein could trigger abnormal liver function, due to the increased workload placed on the liver. As mentioned, this theory is relatively unfounded and users of protein shakes would have to consume in very large quantities.

How much is too much?

If you’re unsure on how much protein you should be taking and concerned about taking too much, it’s best to consult the manufacturers guidelines as each product will be different. The average amount of whey protein shakes consumed by each person is 2 and this is pretty good benchmark.

The same is also thought to be true of the kidneys however all research again suggests that large quantities would need to be consumed before problems presented (if at all).

Another very common theory you are likely to read about when researching the side effects of protein shakes is the likely hood of developing osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is the loss of bone density over time and the thinning of bone tissue. Protein shakes are thought to upset the balance of bone mineral and therefore lead to the change in bone density. Again, for this to ring true it would most likely need large consumption over time.

Other common side effects

Other more common complaints include increased flatulence and in some cases more frequent trips to the toilet. Most people suffer from excess gas, but this is probably more down to the nature of consumption than a direct side effect. Some people also complain about bad breath, especially in the morning after an evening shake.

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