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protein shakes for weight loss

One of the many reasons why people add a protein shake to their diet is to lose weight. Some people claim protein shakes for weight loss don’t work – but we can tell you that they do, and there’s scientific proof to back this up.

There have been hundreds of clinical trials commissioned over time – most involve two subjects who agree to add a protein shake to their diet in the hope they would lose weight. The results are almost always positive – both subjects lose weight, but their weight loss differs due to their individual lifestyles.

We’ve tested protein shakes for weight loss, and every time we have tested them, they’ve worked for us.

The key to getting optimum results is to not just rely on the shakes for your weight loss. They’re only there to aid your weight loss, not cause it!

There are dozens of protein shakes for weight loss on the market today, some will help you lose weight and help you increase your muscle mass, while others will be designed to help you tone your body to an ‘athletic build’ at the same time as losing weight.

It’s really up to you when it comes to choosing your protein shake for weight loss – but here at ProteinPromoCodes, we’ve put together a quick three-step guide to help you choose the best protein shake for you. And don’t forget to use a My Protein discount code to save some cash.

Step one – Know your goals

Before buying one of the many protein shakes out there, it’s crucial you know exactly what you want to achieve. Do you want to solely lose weight? Or would you prefer to lose weight but tone your muscles and get ripped? You need to be certain on this, because there are different protein shakes for each goal.

So, our advice is to look at yourself and picture how you’d like your body to look in the very near future. If it’s just slimmer with a bit of tone, go for a protein shake for weight loss. However, if it’s more lean but ripped, we’d advise going for one of the protein shakes for muscle gain (that have ‘weight loss’ features added in).

Step two – Find the best protein shake for you

Finding the best protein shake for you can be tricky – and that’s why we’ve written comprehensive reviews of the best protein shakes on the market today. All the protein shakes we’ve reviewed will aid your weight loss – but some of them will help more than others.

If you’re looking to go on a protein shake diet, we’d advise looking for a protein shake that contains the fewest calories and carbohydrates per serving. Once you’ve chosen your product for your protein shake diet, you’ve just got to select your preferred flavour (again, our reviews address this and tell you what we think is the nicest flavour) and buy!

Step three – Prepare your body with a workout routine

Before you start taking your protein shake for weight loss, we’d advise starting a new workout routine in the gym to ‘prepare’ your body. Even if you’re just doing ten minutes on the treadmill and ten minutes on the bike (both at a slow pace), you’ll be increasing your fitness and stamina.

You should only introduce your protein shake when your body is ready – and we reckon that falls around two weeks after you start working out three times a week. Your muscles will be craving protein – so it will be the perfect time to start taking protein shakes for weight loss.

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