Maxi Muscle Cyclone review



  • Approx. £34.99
  • Manufactured by Maximuscle
  • 60g of protein per daily serving.
  • Almost no lactose.
  • 10g of creatine and 10g of glutamine peptides per daily serving.

Promax Maximuscle Cyclone is the number one selling ‘all-in-one’ supplement in Britain. It is one of the most powerful whey protein blends on the market. With its patented formula of every essential nutrient you need for muscle repair, growth and maintenance, Maximuscle Cyclone speaks for itself when it comes to results.

Maximuscle Cyclone includes a combination of BiomaxTM whey, creatine monohydrate, glutamine, Suma extract (Beta-Ecdysterone) to offer your muscles a powerful supplement at a reasonable price.

Maximuscle supplements such as this one include very little lactose, meaning it’s suitable for lactose intolerant weight-trainers.

Each serving will provide your body with 10g of glutamine and 10g of Maxpur creatine monohydrate, which – as research suggests – could help to increase the size of your muscles when combined with a suitable weight-training regime.

Each Maximuscle Cyclone serving contains 3000mg of HMBTM, which as research suggests, can help to prevent your muscles from breaking down following a weight-training session. You also get almost 50g of advanced BiomaxTM whey protein plus an additional 10g of glutamine.

So, if you’re looking for a whey protein blend with ‘that little bit extra’, Maximuscle Cyclone may well be the best protein shake for you.

Just take a look at some of the user reviews below to see what users of this Maximuscle supplement had to say about it:

“So far so good”
Kevin, England

“I’ve only been using this for a week now, and already feel great. As suggested on the tub, I am using it with a 3x weekly weights routine. At £33 lasting only 10 days (taken twice daily as recommended) there is no escaping the fact that it’s expensive, but so far so good. Lots of people saying it tastes nasty, I’ve only ever had the banana flavour and mixed with water I almost threw up lol. So I tried it mixed with milk (as it says you can) and it’s the best tasting shake I’ve EVER had. My last one was Boditronics choc orange flavour which was just about bearable, but this is actually kinda enjoyable…would def recommend…Pros…-Feel great after just a week-Tastes great (banana with milk) Cons… -Pricey-Only lasts 10 days.”
Vitali, London-Athens

“Easy to mix, good results after second bucket, finishes to quick too expensive, tastes horrible, that’s why it works, I would recommend it for anybody training in the GYM, Vitali Health and Fitness Manager.”
James, Bristol

Our verdict at MyProtein Discount Codes:

With 60g of whey protein per daily serving, Maximuscle Cyclone definitely rates highly on our chart of best protein shakes.

From personal use, we know this gives results – but only with the required work! So, if you’ve got the motivation to put in the work, Maximuscle Cyclone may be the best protein shake for you.

We also know from personal use, though, that Cyclone isn’t the best tasting protein shake on the market – but as the reviews say… that’s why it works!

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