BSN Syntha 6 Review



BSN syntha 6

BSN syntha 6 Overview: four stars

Approx. £29.99
Manufactured by BSN

22g of whey protein per serving

Packed with glutamine peptides and other nutrients

5g of fiber per serving to slow down digestion and increase nutrient uptake

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BSN Syntha 6 is designed to help you build muscle and lose fat by combining high-quality whey protein with a combination of glutamine peptides, essential fatty acids and MCTs. BSN Syntha 6 claims to be ideal for bodybuilders, dieters and athletes.

Although BSN Syntha 6 is priced a little higher than some other brands, it may be the best protein shake for you if you are looking to bulk up using a high-quality protein shake, and aren’t too concerned about forking out a little bit more.

BSN Syntha 6 contains 5 grams of fiber – meaning the protein won’t be digested as quickly, and will allow your body to absorb more nutrients.

Syntha 6 can be used as a meal replacement, or as an additional dietary supplement – it’s all down to your preferences.

Let’s take a look at what users of BSN Syntha 6 have had to say about it:

“I didn’t feel bloated at all after taking BSN Syntha 6 and it mixed really well with milk! I use it as a meal replacement because I’m trying to lose a bit of weight as well as increase my muscle size. The only downside I have with the shake is that it doesn’t last very long and is quite expensive for what you get. Overall though, I will be buying again!”
Frank, Glasgow

“Cookies and cream tastes really really good – I’ve not tried any other flavours, but I don’t think I need to! It’s a little bit gritty when you get to the end of the shake, but I usually just mix the last bit with a bit more milk to wash it down! I’ve not seen enormous results yet, but I’ll give it a few more weeks before I jump to criticising it.”
Carl, Northamptonshire

Our verdict

After testing BSN Syntha 6, we recorded pretty considerable gains. Our tester even said he felt more pumped after just two weeks of using it. The only thing is though, he didn’t really go anywhere after that, and said he felt like he’d hit a wall. We tried varying the times he was taking his supplement, and his workout routine, but we only saw small gains after this.

As for the taste, we were quite impressed. BSN Syntha 6 is definitely one of the more palatable protein shakes on the market… but it isn’t the cheapest!

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