Best protein shakes for muscle gain

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Not seeing the results you want? Maybe you’re just starting out? Either way, we’ve developed the definitive guide to finding the best protein shakes for muscle gain. Read on to find out which shake you really should be taking…

Best Protein Shake for Muscle Gain

best protein shake for muscle gain

We know that a good protein supplement will ensure that all our hard work in the gym is maximised and if taken consistently and at the right times, can really take us to the next level in achieving our goals. In an ideal world we would get all of our protein from the foods contained in our diets, however our lifestyles dictate that this isn’t always possible. Fortunately for us, there are hundreds of protein supplements available which are hugely effective in building muscle, convenient and taste good too – but which is protein shake will actually help me pack on the muscle?

In order to gain muscle we would recommend you look towards a whey protein blend. Whey protein is one of the fastest digesting proteins available which means it’s absorbed and used by your body very quickly. Why is this important? The quicker you can recover from your workouts, the quicker you will see results and when taken straight after a workout, whey protein helps promote growth, strength and damaged muscle fibre repair.

Whey protein is considered the best protein shake for muscle gain and it is also an important supplement for losing fat, improving performance (perhaps in a sport) and promoting good overall health. This means that how much you use it and when you use it becomes crucial to seeing the muscle gains you want.

Which whey protein should I buy?

There’s a wide variety of whey protein shakes currently available (as you’ve probably noticed) and choosing the right one can often be confusing and difficult. As we are looking for the best protein shake for muscle gain, one of the most important factors is the amount of protein per serving and you should be looking at shakes which deliver a minimum of 20g.

Price is also a big factor for people looking to use protein shakes for muscle gain and on average, you will probably need to budget for about £35 per 2.5kg which will give approximately 50 servings.

The third factor to take into consideration when choosing a whey protein blend is taste. If you buy a protein shake that you really don’t like the taste of, you will be less inclined to use it and in some cases may even stop you going to the gym. We have taste tested the leading brands, so make use of our reviews.

Which do you recommend?

Whey protein blends which encourage muscle growth and incorporate the factors discussed above include, PhD Pharma Whey (a firm favourite here at BPS), BSN Syntha 6, or if you really want to bulk up and add some serious muscle, BSN True Mass.

When should I take it?

The most important time to take your protein shake is after a hard session in the gym. During your workout, you will have torn muscle tissues that need repairing in order for them to grow, to ensure the recovery process starts as soon as possible, you should drink a whey protein shake.

You should also be taking them throughout the day as snacks, or if you are desperate, as a meal replacement. Often is the case that our snacks are very high in carbohydrates and contain very little protein. By including a shake with your regular snack, you add a welcome hit of protein to keep them muscles growing.

It’s important to remember that whilst protein shakes play an important factor in providing you with sufficient protein, you must also be getting it from other food sources. Don’t be over reliant on protein shakes and make sure your diet contains as much variation as you can.

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